A maritime hub through the ages. 

Horten is a small and idyllic city with approximately 27.000 inhabitants beautifully situated on the west side of the Oslo fjord. 

Horten was an important area for the Vikings where they built their innovative Viking ships and sailed the ocean to discover new land and markets. 

Today Horten is an important area for innovative companies developing new products and solutions you will find worldwide; both deep down in the ocean, offshore on ships and oil platforms, in aircrafts, in outer space and in modern hospitals.

Horten - Getting There

By air:

Oslo Airport Torp (TRF): the closest airport about 30min by car from Horten. Free shuttle bus to the train station. Train from Torp station to Skoppum station.

Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL): Take the 1.5 hour train ride from Gardermoen Airport to Skoppum station.

From Skoppum station take the bus or a taxi to downtown Horten (10 minutes).

maritime roots

The Royal Norwegian Navy has played a significant role in Horten since the first navy base was established here in 1818 with a relocation of Norway's main Navy shipyard in 1820. In 1915 the Navy started an aircraft plant in Horten building START, Norway’s first self-made aircraft, and more than 130 other new aircrafts.

Today the shipyard is transformed to a modern industrial park with approximately 40 companies, between them leading companies like MH Wirth, FMC and Norautron. 

The history of maritime activities is Horten continues today with successful companies like Kongsberg Maritime, Zenitel, Seagull, Scanmar. Also one finds important institutions like The Norwegian Coastal Administration, The Norwegian Rescue Company and The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI).

centrally positioned 

 The distance to Oslo is only 1 hour by car on modern freeways and with good train connections. 

The nearest local airport is only 30 minutes away and the distance to Oslo Airport Gardermoen is less than 2 hours by car or train. 

Horten is also well connected to Europe with close ferry connections both to Sweden and Denmark.

leading electronic hub

The history of electronic companies in Horten goes back to 1945 when Vestfold Radio-elektro (VINGTOR) was established in Horten and not many years later Simonsen radio factory (SIMRAD). Together with the history of maritime activities, this was the beginning of an electronic adventure in Horten with a number of important spin-off companies. 

Today there are approximately 40-50 big and smaller electronic companies in this area. Together with a modern University with approximately 5000 students, The Norwegian Center for Micro- and Nanotechnology . ​